What to Bring to a Walk-in Clinic

Medically Reviewed

Whenever you’re choosing a walk-in clinic for health care, take these steps to help ensure the best possible experience:

■ Bring your insurance information. Ask about pricing and payment options before you’re seen. Some clinics will collect your copay or coinsurance; oth- ers don’t accept insurance, but pricing is generally less costly than a doctor’s visit.

■ Bring a list of any drugs, vitamins, and supplements you take. Ask the staff to review the list for possible interactions with any drugs they may prescribe. Notify the staff of any allergies you have.

■ Give the staff your primary care doctor’s contact information. Ask them to send the record from your visit to your doctor’s office; walk-in clinics use an electronic record system that enables them to easily transfer your information.

And, if you don’t have a primary care physician, most retail clinics can refer you to one within a 10-mile radius.