What To Expect In Your Weight-Loss Journey

Editor's Note: This article was originally written by Harry Lodge, M.D.

This is the second in a series on losing weight from our expert, Harry Lodge, co-author of Younger Next Year. You can check out his first post here.

You can expect to get back to a normal weight for your height and body type, no matter where you start from. You can expect to see a major impact on your health and vitality, your sense of self-esteem, and your optimism about your life. You can expect to take charge of your future.

Specifically, you can expect to lose around a pound a week until you are back to being you. If you are genetically lucky, it will be faster, if you are unlucky it will be slower. If you follow the "induction" phase of the common diets, you generally drop 5-10 pounds quickly. There's probably nothing wrong with that, though it might push up against your set points, but it starts off with the psychology of instant weight loss, which leads relentlessly to instant weight gain the moment you relax, so the most important concept for you to work on right now is that you are changing the rest of your life, and the time frame is simply different from any diet program or weight loss gimmick you have ever tried.

So let's get started. The first piece of advice is: "Don't lose an ounce." That's right, don't try to lose any weight at all for the time being. In fact, stop thinking of losing weight as a goal ever again. Start thinking about understanding your eating and your exercising. For the time being, just start noticing what you eat, when, what the circumstances are, and especially, how much you eat. Don't try to change anything, just step outside yourself and start watching from the side. If you can possibly motivate yourself to start making notes or keeping a diary of this stuff, that's great. It helps, but it's not essential.

While you are noticing, we'll be talking, and all the confusion and conflicting advice about your weight will fall into place. At that point, the pounds will start to take care of themselves. Here's the list of what we're going to cover in these blogs

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But whatever you think you know about them now, you can forget It's completely different inside your body, and inside your mind, which is where we're heading.

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