What Types of Hypertension Medicine Will Your Doctor Prescribe?

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More than likely if you are diagnosed with having hypertension your doctor will prescribe you with a medication that will help you keep your blood pressure under control. It is also common for the doctor to suggest lifestyle changes and hypertension medicine for a better grasp and more control of your health. It is important that you consult with our doctor before you begin taking any medication.

If you are already taking medication for another health related issue you need to speak with your doctor to ensure there will not be any adverse reactions to combining different medications. You should also inform your doctor of any family medical history that could be relevant to finding the best medication to treat your condition.

As with most medications to treat health conditions there are several different ones that can be used for treating hypertension. They each do something that is beneficial in treating the condition. However, your doctor will take many factors into consideration before prescribing a medication for you.

Sometimes the first medication prescribed is not the only one that will be used. In some situations a medication does not do what is expected of it for every person, therefore a change in medication could prove to be beneficial.

Some of the many factors that a doctor should take into consideration when prescribing a medication to treat hypertension. Here are some of them:

  • Gender* ** Race*** ** Age*** ** Medical history**

Do not be alarmed if your doctor would prefer that you take more than one medication to treat your hypertension. This is typical in many cases. It is normal for many people to be prescribed two or more prescriptions to regulate the blood pressure.

Blood pressure medication is not without possible side effects. Some are more severe than others and not everyone will suffer from them. However, if you begin feeling side effects you should immediately inform your doctor.

Here is a list of the medications your doctor might prescribe for your treatment of hypertension:

Direct Vasodilators. These are used to prevent the artery walls from tightening.

Central Acting Agents. This is used to block the signals from the brain that tell the heart to beat faster and harder.

Alpha blockers. These are prescribed to assist in minimizing the stimulation of the hormone called norepinepherine and its effects on the smaller arteries.

Calcium Channel Blockers. This essentially will block the calcium channels that are in the muscle walls.

Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers. This is designed to stop the narrowing of the artery walls.

Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors. Also referred to as ACE, this   should limit the amount of angiotensin that is produced.

Beta blockers. These usually will   lower the heart beat itself.

Diuretics. This is also known as the "water pill". Basically, this will decrease the water retention in the body that can lead to the heart working harder.

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