What is a "73 BPM Vent Rate" and "Small Abnormality in Q3"?


Asked by Sandra Young

What Is Vent. Rate? Mine Was 73 Bpm And I Was Told That There Is A "Small Abnormality In Q3."

I am seeing my Primary Care Dr. tomorrow, but am very curious about the significance of this before then. Heart disease runs in my family. I am 46 and am about 40 lbs overweight. This was detected on a Life Line Screening. I am a bit scared....


Vent rate, or ventricular rate is the number of times the main pumping portion of the heart beats in a minute. The normal range is between 60-100 beats per minute. A rate faster than that is known as bradycardia and more rapid heart beat is called tachycardia. "A small abnormality in Q3" is referring to a certain type of wave on your EKG, in lead 3. Ask your doctor for more information.

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