What Is Worst: Nosia, Vomiting Or The Headache? How Do You Prevent The Attacks?


Asked by Lillo

What Is Worst: Nosia, Vomiting Or The Headache? How Do You Prevent The Attacks?

I can't decide which one is worst but the migraine I suffer, always comes with nausea and constant vomiting for a day or two. Consequently I can't take any medication that relieves it. On the preventative side, beta blockers, magnesium for example did not work for me in the past. (There were more on the list -from natural remedies to diet- I tried without any success). The attacks are periodical too usually weekly or fortnightly with some worst/frequent periods. The migraine always comes with stomach pains and "morning sickness" and builds up for days... I try to work with my doctors, (in the past 25 years since I suffer) but the list is so extensive and I also have Hep. C so I need to be carful with pills. Does anyone can suggest some preventative medicine that works in similar cases with my symptoms?


Hi Lillo!

A lot of migraineurs have nausea and vomitting as part of their migraine process. Yes, it is very unpleasant, and if it can be avoided would be wonderful!!!

I assume when you said you "can't take medications that relieves it" you mean triptans? If you can't take triptans, there may be other options for you, such as DHE, Migranal or Midrin.

Have you asked your doctor about some anti nausea medications to go along with your preventive treatment?

As far as preventive treatment, there are over 100 medications currently being used to prevent migraines. The combinations of drugs are endless, so if a few catagories didn't work for you (beta blockers) there are still many other catagories and drugs to try!

I would suggest speaking with your doctor, or finding a migraine specialist, since they may be able to better help you, since you have other health issues as well.

Good luck to you!