What's Causing Blurred Vision/blind Spots For 10-15 Minutes?


Asked by Marion

What's Causing Blurred Vision/blind Spots For 10-15 Minutes?

A couple of years after I had surgery to repair an aneurysm on my heart (on ascending aorta), I started having periodic blurred/spotty vision -- like I've looked into a bright lights. It was last for a few minutes and then I'll get a headache that will last a few hours. My physician has no explanation and my eye doctor said my eyes are in the clear. What could be causing this?


Your symptoms could be the result of many different causes, and the best person to help sort things out is your doctor. Because of your prior surgery, it's very important that you consult with your physician in the near future, as there might be a connection between your symptoms and your aneurysm/surgery.   There are  other possible causes such as medication, migraine, eye disorders, fluctuations in blood pressure, and many more. Not all are serious - but they should all at least be monitored by your doctor.

It's also possible for a stroke to cause the symptoms you're experiencing. Here's a link to more information on the signs and symptoms of different types of strokes.

While you don't think your headache is as bad a migraine, it could be the onset of migraines. You may want to consider seeing a migraine and headache specialist -- just to rule that out.