What's The Difference Between Sarafem And Prozac?


Asked by Kate

What's The Difference Between Sarafem And Prozac?

Why does one affect me better than the other if they are the same? I have PMDD HELP!!!!!!


Hi Kate

This is an excellent question for your doctor or pharmacist. Have you asked your doctor about this?

Here is some information to describe the uses of Prozac and Sarafem. In researching your question it seems that these are the same med...fluoxetine...but the manufacturer is using a different name, Sarafem, for women who wish to treat their PMDD. It seems to be more about marketing than any difference in the actual medication. I had no idea.

If this is true...the name should not matter and the meds will affect you the same.

Ask your doctor to be sure of this.

Thank you for your question.

Answered by Merely Me