What's A Generic Replacement For Asmanex?


Asked by Chris M

What's A Generic Replacement For Asmanex?

Our medical insurance (Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Arkansas) will no longer cover the Asmanex Inhaler of which my wife uses on a daily basis. Without insurance it will cost about $127 which turns out to be the cheapest. Is there a generic alternative that can be covered by insurance.


That's unfortunate they will no longer cover this medicine, especially if it works welll to control your wife's asthma.

Unfortunately for us asthmatics anyway, asmanex is covered under a patent that will not expire until June of 2009, at which time it will be posible for generics to be made.

Thankfully, though, there are other corticosteroid inhalers that are available for asthmatics that are available, such as Flovent. By working with your insurance company and your physician, you should (hopefully) be able to find a corticosteroid they will cover.

Answered by John Bottrell