What's the Best Cooking Oil to Lower Your Cholesterol?

by Diane Domina Senior Content Production Editor

Researchers at the German Institute of Human Nutrition used a meta-analysis to consolidate information from published studies on the effects of dietary oils on blood lipids and cholesterol. Their conclusion: Seed oils are the best choice for lowering LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels. Seed oils include sunflower, canola, rapeseed, safflower, flaxseed, and sesame, among others.

The researchers analyzed data from 55 studies conducted since the 1980s evaluating the effects of 13 cooking oils on blood lipids — LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, HDL (“good”) cholesterol, and triglycerides — over at least a three-week period. The meta-analysis technique allowed the researchers to compare oils that had never been tested head-to-head.

Although they weren’t able to determine whether one seed oil is more effective than others for lowering LDL cholesterol, they did find that solid fats like butter and lard are the worst choice for managing cholesterol levels.

Sourced from: Journal of Lipid Research

Diane Domina
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