What's the Best Diet for 2019?


In its annual assessment, U.S. News & World Report has ranked more than 40 diet and eating plans. The best overall? For the second consecutive year: The Mediterranean Diet.

Approximately 45 million Americans embark on a diet each year as part of their quest for better health. In addition to its “best overall diet” rankings, the yearly report also includes rankings for:

  • Best commercial diets (WW, Jenny Craig, Nutritarian)
  • Best weight-loss diets (WW, Volumetrics, flexitarian, Jenny Craig, vegan)
  • Best diets for healthy eating (Mediterranean, DASH, flexitarian)
  • Easiest diets to follow (Mediterranean, flexitarian, WW)
  • Best heart-healthy diets (Mediterranean, Ornish, DASH)
  • Best diets for diabetes (Mediterranean, DASH, flexitarian, Mayo Clinic diet, Volumetrics)
  • Best plant-based diets (Mediterranean, flexitarian, Nordic, Ornish)

Rounding out the top five overall diets this year are the DASH (dietary approaches to stop hypertension) diet, the flexitarian diet (emphasizes fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and plant-based protein), the MIND (Mediterranean-DASH intervention for neurodegenerative delay) diet, and the WW (formerly Weight Watchers) diet. In 2018, the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet tied for the top ranking.

Sourced from: U.S. News & World Report