What's Wrong With My Heart?


Asked by editundo

What's Wrong With My Heart?

For some time I have been getting strange chest pains that make my heart beat rapidly for a few seconds then it begins to slow down again. It happens regardless of what physical activity I am doing, it has happened while I am sitting, standing, laying down and even sleeping. It is a strong pain in my chest that feels as if something gets stuck and my heart needs to beat faster to try to make it move through, it also makes me loose my breath for a few seconds and once it is gone I am left with a sore chest as if I had just finished excercising. I have gotten a stress test done, an ekg, as well as an ultra sound of my heart and everything came back fine but I am still worried that something isn't right. It is a very scary feeling, it almost seems like that is what a heart attack would feel like.


Hi Editundo,

It sounds like you have taken the correct steps toward figuring out what is causing your pain. If everything came back normal with the tests you mentioned, at this point I would ask your physician to refer you to a cardiologist or other specialist that your physician deems appropriate (like a pulmonologist if the doctor thinks it's pain from your lungs instead of your heart). In the meantime, here is some information about sharp chest pains.

Sharp chest pains

Best of luck,

Monica M. Skidmore, MS, RD, LDN