Whats Wrong With My Nipple?


Asked by Prodigy

Whats Wrong With My Nipple?

Okay. So there's definiately something wrong with my left nipple.. Its itching like crazy since 4-5 months.. It got fine somewhere in b/w those months.. but now the same itching thing has start all over again.. and my right nipple is brown in color.. but the left one is turning black now.. and sometimes when i used to itch a bit harder, something watery used to come out, maybe not puss.. it looks dry sometimes.. and i even tried applying antibiotic and antiseptic cream and even some olive oil.. but it didn't work.. The itching lessens a bit, but doesn't go fully.. And sometimes, that area even pains.. Im scared is it breast cancer.. I think its just some infection as a doctor said to me earlier when i went for a check up.. I think i also have lumps on my nipple.. are lumps, something blackish n are the cause of itching? Can it be something caused by wearing a wrong material bra? If yes, then which one should i go for? I don't want to talk about it to my mom.. Im very shy..still I did tell her earlier, but she hardly cares. Please advice me something fast.. NO GOING TO THE DOCTOR advices please.. Suggest me some home remedy if possible..and the effective ones too.. im very irritated n pissed of with this thing.

PS :- Sorry for the English.. It isnt my 1st language.. im an indian n im 18 years old :)


I'm sorry for your troubles; please read our post on nipple issues, for some information about what might be going on here. Without you willing to see a doctor, and being unable to talk to your mom, there's not much I can tell you. I doubt a "home remedy" is going to help anything, because, since it's on just one nipple, it doesn't sound like anything simple—e.g., using a different laundry soap or shower gel; or switching to a cotton bra (though you might try all of those things). My only good advice to you is to see a doctor; and since that's advice you don't want to take, I'd guess we're stuck. Sorry - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel