Wheelchair Sliding


Asked by Lisa Bond

Wheelchair Sliding

how can i prevent my mother's from sliding out of her wheelchair. i use a belted chair, so she doesn't fall, but within an hour her bottom is all the way forward in the chair. i have tried different cushions and she just slides on top of them. i am wondering if her illness, late-stage alzheimer's, is preventing her from sitting upright any longer. is there a point where she will just have to stay in bed? she can not do anything for herself any longer, other than chew and swallow. i hate to think that i'll have to leave her in bed. i use a ceiling tract lift to get her up twice a day. any information would be very helpful. thank you! Lisa

p.s. i went to both medical stores in our area today and neither had an answer for me. whenever an issue comes up, i would think my mother is the first person to go through it. there really needs to be a central location for tips and tricks. maybe there is. if you know where it is, please pass it along.


Hi Lisa,

This is really common, and I'm sure there are many solutions on the Web. A lambskin liner can help, and that can also help avoid sores. They would be available on the Internet. Good luck. I remember my dad doing this when he fell asleep.


Answered by Carol Bradley Bursack