When Does The Vagina Stop Developing?


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When Does The Vagina Stop Developing?

I'm 21 years old, and puberty for me was very irregular. I have also had a long puberty, I believe. My hips have just started to widen and I'm the age I am. Also, my vagina is pretty small with very small labia, very small clitoris, and very sensitive. I used to be on certain psychiatric/hormonal meds that made other girls blow up in the breasts, hips, and butt areas, but they have not affected me at all. What's the deal with my body? How long do I have to go until my 'puberty' is finished?


Most girls will continue to develop 2-3 years after onset of period. Some girls have late puberty or their puberty extends for more than the two to 3 years. Your hips widening and your body continuing to mature might continue to happen beyond the end of puberty - the physical maturation can continue but puberty is technically over -s o that is what you may be observing. the birth control pills will help to make your cycle more regular - especially when periods are very irregular. A gynecologist can discuss your 'size" and variations on the norm if he or she examines you since they have an excellent point of reference.

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