When Can I Take A Pregnancy Test After Sex?


Asked by Cherry10

When Can I Take A Pregnancy Test After Sex?

If I had unprotected sex three days ago, is it too soon to take a pregnancy test?


No, even the most sensitive pregnancy test won't give you an accurate answer until at least 6-8 days after conception, and conception may not occur the same day you had sex.   Here is a link to a good article that explains how pregnancy tests work, which includes a list of the various tests and how sensitive they are:   **Home Pregnancy Tests.  **It is possible for a blood test at the doctor's office to detect it sooner, but you would still need to wait a little longer. I know it's a nervewracking thing to consider if it's unplanned, or that waiting to know if you are pregnant if you're trying. But it does take time for the appropriate "flags" to show.

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Answered by Karen Lee Richards