When We Flip Out for No Apparent Reason: The Bipolar Question of the Week

Patient Expert

Yesterday, I posted a piece (Ending the Stigma ...) that challenged the conventional wisdom that those who have bipolar are far more likely to freak out in the face of calamity than those who have "normal." I was guided in particular by the responses from those who commented to an earlier piece, When Normal People Freak Out, Not Us.

Your responses boiled down to the fact that two tons of crap dropping out of the sky from nowhere is simply just another thing to contend with. After all we have been through, two tons of crap is often no big deal. We know how to handle it. Those with normal often have a far harder time.

There are other reasons, as well, which we will explore in a future post. But, for right now, let's turn the situation around: Recall those times when you flipped for no apparent reason. Or when you felt on edge for no apparent reason.

In this scenario, everything is seemingly fine, peachy keen even. Or maybe only a bit off, but no big deal. Okay, maybe something that really made you upset, but certainly not worth the fuss.

Maybe you didn't exactly flip out. Maybe you even kept your cool. But your blood was boiling, your mind racing. Most likely, you didn't get much sleep that night.

Okay, got the picture? Question:

When you flip out for no apparent reason - what is going on with you?

Note: The conventional wisdom says this is what you can expect from people with bipolar. We know better. When we flip out for no apparent reason - believe me, there is a reason.

Let's hear from you. Comments below ...