When Your Partner Loses Weight, Chances Are You Will Too


There’s a ripple effect to weight loss efforts, finds a study conducted by researchers at the University of Connecticut in Mansfield. That is, people who try to lose weight help others around them shed pounds too.

For this study, which was published in Obesity, the researchers tracked weight loss in 130 couples over six months. They found that when one member of a couple committed to losing weight, the other one also lost weight, even without actively participating in a weight loss program. In fact, about one-third of the partners lost at least 3 percent of their initial body weight during the study period.

The researcher also noted a possible downside to the ripple effect: If the person on a weight loss program struggled to lose weight, their partner did as well. However, if they lost weight at a steady pace, so did their partner.

Sourced from: University of Connecticut