How Can I Prevent Outbreaks Without Medication?



Whenever I Have A Small Outbreak I Get Exteremly Tired. And I Can Sleep For Days.

I was diagnosed with herpes about a year ago, and when I have an outbreak (it seems like every week!) I get really tired. I could sleep for 12 hours. I don't have insurance at the moment, so I need some advice. I've removed a lot of stress from my life, and though my boyfriend doesn't know (we use condoms every time though) I still feel vulnerable. I've heard hydrogen peroxide may help outbreaks. Does anyone know for sure if this is true?


Hi Mfelifel,

I'm sure you found an answer to this question, but I wanted to chime in here in case this is helpful for anyone else.

Herpes is often affected by stress, and though you mention that you've removed a lot of it from your life, you also say that your boyfriend doesn't know you have genital herpes. I wonder if that revelation is contributing to your stress level? It is, of course, the most ethical thing to tell your sexual partner about any STDs you may have. I know it can be hard, but I would recommend being open and honest with him now rather than later. That's not a conversation that gets better with time. In fact, it can seriously affect a person's trust in you if you don't disclose something like that. If you'd like more information on how to disclose, follow this link:The Stigma of STDs

As for managing outbreaks, talk to your doctor about antivirals if you haven't already. They help a lot of people stay outbreak-free for longer periods of time.

Some other options (including homeopathic remedies) check out these articles.

Home Remedies

Foods and Steps to avoid Herpes Holistically without valtrex or even lysine

And, as always, the very best thing you can do to help yourself is to talk to your healthcare provider and get personally-tailored information.

Good luck!