Where Is It Ok To Place The Nicoderm Patch?


Asked by kat

Where Is It Ok To Place The Nicoderm Patch?

I recently started using the Nicoderm CQ patch and I've been placing them on my belly. Someone said that it can leave marks, so I decided to place them where I know I will not be exposing.

I was told by a friend that I'm supposed to place it on my upper arm, as long as it's above my heart. A website mentioned it has to be on the upper arm or trunk--what's a trunk? Also, why doesn't the guide book that comes with the patch mention that? It says that you can place it anywhere with no hair and no cuts. Can I still continue to place it on my belly?


Hi Kat,

Your trunk is basically the area of your body above your hips and below your neck (i.e. your entire body EXCEPT your arms, hands, legs, feet, neck and head).

According to Nicoderm CQ's manufaturer, the patch can be worn on almost any non-hairy area of the body. So, yes, it can be worn on the belly.

Mild itching, redness, burning, and stinging can happen at the application site. Stop using the patch and tell your doctor if redness caused by the patch does not go away after 4 days.If you are concerned about marks or bruises, talk to your doctor about other places where it may be best to put the patch. The drug manufacturer also suggests the upper arm, but you can talk to your doctor about other places to put it.

Answered by JB