Which Asthmatic Are You? The 11 Types of Asthma Patients

by John Bottrell Health Professional

Respiratory Therapist and asthmatic Rick Frea worked with some friends to compile this list of adult asthma personalities. Which one are you? Illustrations by Dash Shaw

Which asthma patient are you -- The Martyr who refuses treatment, the Actor who exaggerates her symptoms or the Poor Patient whose doctor is no help? Or are you another type? You may find that you are a combination of asthmatic types.

Click the links below to read about them and see which one sounds like you or someone you know.

The Gallant Asthmatic: The Perfect Asthma Patient

The Goofus Asthmatic: The Lazy Asthma Patient

The Phlegmatic Asthmatic: The Calm Asthma Patient

The Actor Asthmatic: Their Asthma Isn't That Bad

The Martyr Asthmatic: Too Tough For Asthma Treatment

The Recovered Asthmatic: Asthma Symptom-Free, For Now

The Doubting Thomas Asthmatic: Newly Diagnosed Adults

The Sometimer Asthmatic: Sometimes, They Don't Take Their Medicine

The Poor Patient Asthmatic: Need Better Doctors

The Hard-Luck Asthmatic: Their Asthma is Difficult to Control

The Bronchodilatoraholic: Overusing Their Quick-Relief Inhalers

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