Which Is Better For The Hypertension Atenolol Or Diovan


Asked by mothaltaee

Which Is Better For The Hypertension Atenolol Or Diovan

i am 38 male with hypertension i used to take diovan tablet 80 mg. ODS but suddenly after 6 months i felt headache then i checked my blood pressure it was 140/109. then my doctor added a nother medication which is norvasc 5 mg.ODS.

my question is can i take tenormine 100 mg instead of the mentioned 2 medications



Hello mothaltaee,

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is defined by blood pressure taken on several occasions greater than 140/90, with a goal blood pressure being 120/80. That being said, if you blood pressure is consistent 140/109, you should be treated with medication, diet and exercise.

As you can tell, many medications exist to treat high blood pressure. Generally, physicians start on one medication, assess response, and then increase dose if necessary. A second medication is not usually added until the maximum dosage of the first has been perscribed.

The different medications used to treat blood pressure have different properties, and are oftentimes used to treat conditions other than hypertension. If you only have hypertension, any medication that lowers your blood pressure can be used. Note that side effect profiles, safety, and cost are also important considerations that doctors consider when choosing medications.

You should discuss with your doctor the reason why you are the medications you are taking. Never stop taking a drug without consulting your physician first!

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