Which Drug Is Stronger In A Pump, Dilaudid Or Fentanyl?


Asked by tcavner1

Which Drug Is Stronger In A Pump, Dilaudid Or Fentanyl?

Hi! Newbie here, so I will apologize for mistakes now. I have a pain pump implanted after years of different therapies, none of which gave me relief. First it was only morphine. Then it was morphine, clonidine and ribivacaine. I didn't know my levels of morphine were being lowered each time. Then they changed the morphine to dilaudid which started out low, took out the clonidine, and raised the ribivacaine and gave me 6 boluses. Every refill now, they lower the dilaudid a little more and raise the ribivacaine. My big questions are, can fentanyl be used in a pump? Is it stronger than dilaudid? And can you take orals with a pump? Any information would be greatly appreciated!


Yes, Fentanyl can be used in a pain pump and it is stronger than hydromorphone. It sounds, though, as if they are trying to wean you off of opioids (both morphine and dilaudid are opioids) which is not a bad idea given all the side effects - while ramping up ropivacaine, if I have the drug correct.