Which Is Stronger Percocet Or Vicodin ?


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Which Is Stronger Percocet Or Vicodin ?


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No, it's not safe to say that Vicodin is safer than Percocet for long-term use. Although Vicodin is not quite as strong as Percocet, both are opioids (narcotics) and need to be taken very carefully and only as prescribed. When taken as prescribed, they can be reasonably safe on a long-term basis, but if they are abused by taking too many, too often, or with certain other medications, they can be extremely dangerous.

Darvocet is most definitely a narcotic. It is a combination of propoxyphene napsylate (the narcotic portion) and acetaminophen. It should not be taken with either Vicodin or Percocet unless specifically directed by your doctor. There are two primary dangers in mixing these drugs:

  1. The most immediate danger is respiratory depression from too much of the narcotics. With respiratory depression, you fall asleep and simply stop breathing. This is what generally happens in accidental overdoses.
  1. Both drugs contain acetaminophen. Too much acetaminophen can seriously damage your liver.
Answered by Karen Lee Richards