I Have A White Milky Kind Of Discharge From My Left Nipple. S


Asked by Cancer Scare

I Have A White Milky Kind Of Discharge From My Left Nipple. S

Is my discharge something i should worrie about ? Is it normal? I have a white milky discharge coming out my left nipple but olny when i squeeze the nipple.


Hi Cookie - Take a deeeep breath, and stay calm. Nipple discharge can come from a number of sources, and is very normal. It's often hormonal. Please read our post on nipple discharge for lots of helpful information about this, as well as advice on whether/when to see a doctor.

As for muscles or lumps in your breast or armpit, a lump that appears suddenly - or that you suddenly notice - should be tracked. If it's still there in a month, then best to see a doctor as this qualifies as a breast change, and all breast changes should be mentioned to your doctor. Please read our posts on armpit lumps and breast lumps for more information.

The vast majority of lumps are NOT cancer; and even when a biopsy is taken, about 85% of biopsies for breast lumps are negative - no cancer. So statistically speaking, it's very unlikely that what you're describing - either the discharge, or lump - has anything to do with cancer. Hope this makes you feel better - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel