Whitish-grey Tissue-like Discharge With Menstruation.


Asked by Supergma0549

Whitish-grey Tissue-like Discharge With Menstruation.

37 yr old mother of two:

Has severe menstrual cramping during menstruation. Within menstruation is a whitish-gray tissue-like substance. No itching or burning. Also large blood clots - look like chunks of raw liver. One fallopian tube was removed several years ago. One tube has a surgical clip. 2003 ectopic pregnancy, cauderized for endometriosis. Tugging feeling in groin area. One yr. ago had 3 fibroids, currently has one fibroid and one cyst. Pap normal. Doctor said he's not concerned about it unless anemic. Admitted to ER in Oct. with severe labor-like pains, no tests done, discharged. Help!!! Symptoms persist.


You've got a pretty complicated history - I hate only being able to offer this but it sounds like you've got to find the right gynecologist to help you. I know it may be frustrating and take time, but find the 'right match' doctor - It 's hard to tell what is going on exactly and you do need a diagnosis.

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