My Whole Body Aches,


Asked by Nathan

My Whole Body Aches,

I'm 35 years old male. I work at a pizza store and mostly standing, last month one day suddenly my feet start hurting. I went to my family doctor & he said I've some foot problem, so he sent me to a foot clinic. They gave some ortho shoe insoles and told me to do some exercises, which never worked for me. Couple of days later I couldn't even get off from the bed, couldn't even walk. My legs, lower back and my arm's joints were hurting. Went to the doctor again he gave me celebrex, which didn't work for me. Then went back to him again, he gave me Athrotec 75 mcg, twice daily. It cured my pain a bit. I cannot walk as fast as before and I cannot lift heay stuff. If I sit for long, my butt hurts. If I walk for long time the that night is a hell for me. Went to the doctor again, he told me to do the whole body bone scan. The normal result should be 0-10 but mine was 34. He said it was some sort of inflamation and sending me to see a specialist. I just want to know what kind of problem I have.


Hi Nathan,

I'm sorry that you are going through so much pain right now, not to mention being bounced from doctor to doctor without any answers just yet. But it sounds good that you are being referred to a specialist.

Are you consulting a rheumatologist? If you do have rheumatoid arthritis or another inflammatory/arthritis disease, then this is the type of doctor you will need to see.

Our expert Lene has collected and written many posts which may be helpful to you in learning about RA. Start with the Basics of RA section, followed by the how to prepare for your first appointment with a rheumatologist post, and five things to look for in a good rheumatologist. These should help as you prepare to visit with the specialist.

I hope that you find answers soon. Good luck and please keep up posted.

Answered by Lisa Emrich