Whole Food Calcium Supplement-what Is The Difference Between Aquamin And Algaecal?


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Whole Food Calcium Supplement-what Is The Difference Between Aquamin And Algaecal?

hi i am 36 and looking to supplement my wholefood multi with a whole food calcium supplement. I noticed there are 2 main algae based ones:algaecal and aquamin. Do you suggest one over the other? what is the difference between the two? Thank you!


Hi button, welcome...I've never personally tried either of these types of calcium, but they are both calcium carbonate, which I have tried since it's so available and inexpensive.

Here's a page on calcium from the National Osteoporosis Foundation that explains some of the different forms of calcium. The thing that worries me about calcium from algae is that we have no control over the things that can contaminate algae/calcium in sea water. Does the bottle say USP on it? "If you are not familiar with the brand, look for labels that state "purified" or have the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) symbol. The "USP Verified Mark" on the supplement label means that the USP has tested and found the calcium supplement to meet certain standards for purity and quality(AlgaeCal Review from Lane Labs: 2010)."

I've read the clinical study on AlgaeCal and in the two groups tested, only the group taking the form that had D3, Strontium, Boron and some other nutrients achieved increases in bone mineral density, where the group just taking the AlgaeCal did not. Also, the second group taking the additional nutrients where also asked to make life style changes, exercise, improved diet in addition to the AlgaeCal supplement. What we don't know is how much of the improved diet, Strontium, D3 and life style changes could be the factors that made this group successful in achieving a higher bone density.

There are plenty of "green/veggie formulas" available for calcium if that's what you're looking for that are much less expensive and doesn't come from algae, which worries me.

I would ask your Dr. for his/her opinion as well to see what they say. These alternate forms of calcium have become a huge business, and I don't like all these different questionable calcium forms, when you can get good quality calcium without resorting to taking the brands you mentioned.

I don't know which brand name would be better, because I don't like getting calcium from ocean waters, since many contaminants could inadvertantly be included.

Do some more reading on these brands and the clinical trial AlgaeCal provides and see for yourself. The other problem was this trial only lasted 6 months, and it was not a "controlled" study examining one variable. The study looked at several variables and didn't last long enough to reach much of a conclusion. For all we know the other things being studied: exercise, life style changes, diet, D3, Strontium, Boron etc could be the reason the participants saw some gains, when the group just taking AlgaeCal didn't see any improvement.

Good luck...

Answered by Pam Flores