Why I Am Afraid To Leave Home


Asked by rsr3359

Why I Am Afraid To Leave Home

I am bipolar, my depression seems to be getting worse. Now I find that I can't seem to leave my home. Is this a normal symptom


Hi, Rebecca. It is a common enough symptom. What you need to determine is - a symptom of what? Some possibilities:

1. Anxiety is a frequent co-traveler of depression and bipolar. It needn't be full-blown anxiety. A few anxiety symptoms mixed with your mood symptoms may be enough to incapacitate you. Fear and anxiety are related and often synonymous. One way of reacting to fear is avoidant behavior, such as not leaving the house.

2. Depression is often accompanied by irrational thinking. In your situation, this may mean that when it comes to leaving the house you only see the downside (such as having to face people) and none of the upside (such as having a good time with these very same people).

3. Depression may also result in lack of energy or motivation - you simply lack the will to expend the energy to leave the house. It's easier to simply lie in bed.

So - are you anxious and fearful, thinking irrationally, or lacking energy. Keep in mind, one or more of these possibilities, plus a few I may not have thought of, could be working together. You are in the best position to figure this out, which will enable you to have a dialogue with your psychiatrist and allow the two of you to figure out your next course of action.

Hope this helps -

Answered by John McManamy