Why Would Anybody Cough For 7 Months (Dry,sometimes To The Point Of Gaging


Asked by Judy Epperson

Why Would Anybody Cough For 7 Months (Dry,sometimes To The Point Of Gaging

have had breathing test to measure compacity of lungs. tested normal

have had chest x-ray. showed normal

have been on nexium for 6 weeks thinking it may be due to reflux. no luck, still coughing night and day.

insurance will not pay for me to have lung scan, suggested by lung doctor


We can't make any diagnoses online or in this forum, but I can provide you with some general information that you can take to your doctor so you can work on finding out what's causing your cough.

You mentioned that you took a breathing test and your lung capacity was normal. Have you been formally tested for asthma? Cough is a hallmark asthma symptom. Some people first experience chest tightness or pain or a nonproductive cough that is not associated with wheezing. Chest pain occurs in about three quarters of patients; it can be very severe. You may need to take a spirometry test (which may or may not be different from the breathing test you mentioned).You will blog into a tube as fast and hard as you can and the machine will record your FVC, the amount of air you can breathe in one breath and your FEV1, the amount of air you blew in the first second of the test. Normal for both factors is 80% to 120%.

Have you ever been (or currently are) a smoker? Have you ever had any family members with a similar problem? You may want to ask your doctor about being tested for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder). Click here to read about how COPD is often diagnosed. It lists the tests that your doctor may order and other issues with medical history. Spirometry is commonly used when diagnosing COPD as well.

Other conditions I have researched tend to cause a lot of mucus production with the coughing, but you mentioned that your cough is dry. Look at this information regarding pulmonary fibrosis. Are your symptoms similar?

You may also want to review this information about Sjorgen's Syndrome.

Please remember that I am not providing you with a diagnosis. You may not have any of these conditions. This is just for your information so you have additional questions to ask your doctor.

Good luck!

Answered by JB