Why has my Blood Pressure Gone from Normal to high?


Asked by Donna

Why Has My Blood Pressure Gone From Being Very Normal 128/73 To Being Extremely High?

I am a 54 yr old female and have always had very good blood pressure. This past October I went to a healh fair at my work and my bp was 128/73. I just had my yearly physical last week (Dec 09) and my bp was extremely high. The doctor was concerned and told me I needed to come back in a week. I have taken my bp since my check up and it has remained high (163/99. I have been on Jenny Craig and am wondering if the food I've been eating could be causing my bp to go up. They tell me at Jenny Craig that their food is low in sodium so I'm wondering if it could be something else in the food causing it go up so high. I'm very frustrated by this. I have noticed I've been getting headaches lately and really don't feel all that great. I hope you can help me figure this out.


Hi Donna,

Here is a Q&A you may want to review - http://www.healthcentral.com/high-blood-pressure/question-answer-27503-63.html

You could always do a "trial and error" with Jenny Craig by discontinuing the program for a few weeks and monitoring your blood pressure. If your blood pressure returns to normal when you discontinue the program it may be a sign there is something within the foods you are reacting to.

I recommend working with your physician to determine an appropriate treatment plan.

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Lisa Nelson RD

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