Why Is My Blood Pressure 140/103 Up?


Asked by rwhite3

Why Is My Blood Pressure 140/103 Up?

I'm being treat for HB for about a year now. I have never really gotten it under control. My top number has always been high ranging 140 all the way up to 200 at times. My lower number usually mid 90's now its hit 103. Does anyone know why? Im a 37 year old divorced/single mother of three and this scares me. Thank you


Hi Rwhite3,

I'm not able to shed light on why you're having difficulty controlling your blood pressure. I do recommend evaluating your diet and lifestyle to make sure you've made the necessary changes to support a low blood pressure. If your diet and lifestyle does not support a low blood pressure, it can make medications less effective.

All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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