Why Do My Breasts Hurt When I Touch Them?


Asked by Wendi Petitt

Why Do My Breasts Hurt When I Touch Them?

Whenever I touch my breasts they feel really sore; the pain seems to be there all night and day. What should I do?


Since you've come to our breast cancer site, I assume you're worried about this pain being a sign of cancer. Please don't stress; breast pain is seldom a sign of cancer. If your breasts are itchy, swollen/hot, and red, as well as being sore and painful, this could be a sign of inflammatory breast cancer, a very rare form of the disease; but I assume you're not experiencing any of these other symptoms.

Most commonly, sore breasts are the result of hormonal fluctuations. Many younger women experience sore breasts just prior to their period; this is completely normal. Sometimes, the soreness becomes chronic, in which case it's termed fibrocystic change - an annoying condition, but not dangerous.

Is there anything you can do to allay this soreness? Some women report that removing caffeine from their diet seems to help. You could also try cold compresses, if the pain becomes severe. Still, it's probably best to go to the doctor to see what's up; no sense being in pain all the time when there's possibly something that can be done about it. If your doctor can't help, ask for a referral to a breast specialist for a second opinion. Good luck -  I hope you get some relief soon.

Answered by PJ Hamel