Why Do My Breasts Itch?


Asked by Jane

Why Do My Breasts Itch?

Both of my breasts itch, mostly just the areola and nipple. Do you know why this could be?


The most likely cause would be some type of dry skin or dermatitis related to irritation from a skin product or laundry product. The first steps in home care would be to use mild, unscented skin products designed for sensitive skin and to double rinse your bras to be sure that all detergent is gone.  Check your bras to be sure they fit properly and that the fabric isn't irritating.

If that doesn't help in a week or two, you might want to check with a doctor to see if an allergy or other problem is involved.  A prescription cream might help.  Don't use any of the anti-itch cortisone creams without talking to your doctor.

Paget's Disease of the Breast is one type of breast cancer that can involve itching in the nipple area, but it also has a scaly rash and would typically affect only one side. In addition, inflammatory breast cancer can begin with an itchy breast -  but again, it would only be one breast, not both.

Definitely call your doctor if you develop a rash, but if the problem is just the itching, home care would be safe to try first. Please read our post, What Can I Do About My Itchy Breasts?, for more good information.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson