Why Do I Have Brown Discharge From My Left Nipple


Asked by kay

Why Do I Have Brown Discharge From My Left Nipple

i have brown discharge from my left nipple and also a hard lump under my left armpit, i have had a probem with the same breast before but after a mamogram was told that i was fine, the discharge then went away for a while and now only appears when i squeeze the nipple area, this feels quite discomforting and causes slight pain.

i have no history of breat / any cancer in my family. should i be worried?

be honest does this sound like breast cancer to you or some sort of infection.


Hi Kay - You should always be concerned about breast changes - which doesn't mean panicked, simply concerned enough to see a doctor. I'd ask about the lump in your armpit - be sure someone looks at that. The lump wouldn't be related to the nipple discharge, but you should have that checked, too. In the meantime, please read our post on nipple discharge; it might help you assess what's going on. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel