Why Does My Body Itch During Running Exercise?


Asked by hakiss

Why Does My Body Itch During Running Exercise?

When I am working out, especially running, my body itches so bad that I'm forced to stop. Mostly the abs and thighs itch the worst, and when I start scratching it elevates the itchiness to a burning. What causes this?


The itching you are experiencing is most likely caused by histamine in your body. Histamine increase the blood flow to injured areas to help the immune system get to the problem area. One Japanese study showed that histamine might be released during exercuse to help protect the body against exhaustion. Unfortunately, histamine also sends 'itch' signals to the brain, so this may trigger why you feel itchy while running.

The best suggestion would be to take an antihistamine about 30 minutes before you plan to workout. Antihistamines act as an allergy medication, and since your itchiness while running is a type of allergy reaction in your body, it will help suppress the itching. You want to make sure that you are using antihistamines properly, however, because too many antihistamines can be a bad thing. There are also several different antihistamine medications to choose from-some over the counter and some prescription.

To really know the best medication to take for your itchy running situation, you'll want to speak to your doctor.

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