Why Does My Body Not Respond To Medicines And Therapies?


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Why Does My Body Not Respond To Medicines And Therapies?

I have been taking water therapy for a few months now. The last assessment test that I had done showed that I had actually lost muscle and had become much weaker. I have been on so many NSAID's. The meds that I'm not allergic to don't work and there are so so many that I have allergies to. I have been on several different sleep aids. They all have worked for a short time, but after a week or two the meds stop working completly. The doctor that diagnosed me with FM / FCS, is sending me to Philadelphia to a pain management doctor. Hopfully he with the help of the other doctor will be able to find the right meds to put the two diseases into " remission ". Does anyone out there have any suggestions to why my body reacts in this way and is there anything that I can do to make this process go along faster. I'm really having problems with the pain in school......... ?

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Unfortunately hypersensitivity to drugs (and indeed to many substances) is not uncommon in FM. Since FM is not believed to be an inflammatory disease its not surprising that the NSAIDS didn't work (and a bit surprising that they tried them).I supposed that you've tried lycrica and cymbalta - two drugs recently approved for FM?

FM is difficult to treat and it typically takes a good deal of trial and error to find the right combination of drugs and therapies. Hopefully the pain management specialist you're going to has experience with FM.

Some non drug alteranatives that have been helpful for some FM patients are relaxation therapies such as meditation and progressive muscle relaxation as well as things like acupuncture and massage. I know one person who swears by acupuncture. These therapies appear to calm down the stress response system - which may be an important part of this disorder. These things may seem small but if you put a bunch of small things together they can make a real difference.

Dr. Clauw is one of the most well known FM researchers/physicians. Check out his eight tips for FM patients.


In particular check out number 7- start a diary and see if you find items that seem to be associated with symptom worsening and start to eliminate them.

Of all diseases FM and CFS may be ones that take the longest to learn how to deal with and adjust to. Try to keep your spirits up. As Dr. Clauw says there is more and more research on this disease and several drugs have been approved for it - something that seemed inconcievable a few years ago.

Good luck with your appointment.

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