Why Does my BP Go up when my Pulse is low and vice Versa?


Asked by Catevans

Why Does My Bp Go Up Sometimes When My Pulse Is Low And Pulse Is High When Bp Low.

why does my BP go up sometimes when my pulse is low and sometimes my BP goes down when pulse is high, what gives? Oh and I should mention that I have PKD and Hypothyroidism both are being managed, for the most.


Hi Calevans,

I interviewed Dr. Mark Houston awhile back. Here's his answer to this question:

Lisa Nelson RD: Is there a connection between blood pressure and heart rate?

Dr. Houston: If blood pressure increases, normally the heart rate should decrease. However, in some patient with dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system the heart rate may increase with the blood pressure.

According to Dr. Houston, blood pressure and heart rate (pulse) typically have an inverse relationship. When blood pressure increases, heart rate decreases and vice versa.

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