Why Does My Chest Hurt When I Lay On My Back?


Asked by Alleah

Why Does My Chest Hurt When I Lay On My Back?

hi, i am 17 years old 5'3 1/2 and 125lbs and for the past year (give or take a few months), i've been having a really weird thing happen. when i lay on my back, flat or with my knees up, i have trouble breathing and my chest starts hurting really bad, like to the point that i have to lift it off the ground until it stops and slowly lower it or kinda jerk it back down (like lower it then jerk it back up kinda fast a few times because it starts to hurt on the way down). i've had back problems ever since i was little, five was when i had my first back spasm, and i pulled it two years ago and it's been kinda sensitive since then. i'm also a cheerleader so i have people falling on or hitting my chest a good bit. i've been cheering for four years and dont remember having this problem until this year or either it's just progressively gotten worse and more noticeable. i dont really know what to do about it or if there's even anything wrong.. helpful information or advise would be greatly appreciated. please and thank you! :)


Hi Alleah,

Here is a link to some information that may be useful:

Sharp Chest Pain

Discuss what you are experiencing with your parents to see if a doctor's evaluation is warranted.

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Lisa Nelson RD

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