Why Does Dementia Affect leg Balance, Coordination and Stength?


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Why Does Dementia Affect Balance, Coordination And Strength In Legs?


Shuffling, leaning patterns, unsteady gait and/or balance, and decrease in coordination and physical strength are all fairly common symptoms of dementia, often of the non-Alzheimer's type (such as vascular or fronto-temporal). Because motor functioning is one of the areas affected by dementia, one's gait (walking pattern) is often affected. It is important to know that most gait issues are due to medical/physical conditions (such as tumors, trauma to the spinal cord, neurological diseases such as Parkinson's disease, and nerve damage, for example), and there are several different types of gaits that are caused by these particular types of conditions. However, gait and mobility issues can also be caused by such things as medication side effects, stroke, and alcohol abuse. It is important for a healthcare professional to fully evaluate any gait and mobility issues.

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