Why Does Lying Down Make My Headache Worse?


Asked by jms

Why Does Lying Down Make My Headache Worse?

I am always tired but dread going to sleep for fear I'll wake up with a headache. I take Relpax, and it helps, but I always run out of the prescription every month.

Has anyone else experienced this type of headache? What can I do to help?


Hi jms!

There are a few possible issues here. Your main question of why lying down makes your migraine worse is one for which there isn't a simple answer. Some of us feel better lying down; some feel better propped up on pillows or sitting up. Some doctors theorize that some people feel worse lying down because the migraine may be temporarily impacting cerebrospinal fluid pressure.

You mentioned waking with a migraine, and that set off a bell. When we wake with a migraine, it very frequently means that it was triggered by an issue with our sleep. It could be too much sleep, too little sleep, sleeping on an irregular schedule, disrupted sleep, or otherwise poor quality sleep. For more on this see our video Migraines, Headaches, and Sleep.

You also mentioned running out of Relpax. How many migraines do you get in a typical month? If we have three or more migraines a month, experts recommend discussing preventive treatment with our doctors. There are many options including dietary supplements, prescription medications, and even some medical devices. You can find more information on this in Migraine and Headache Prevention - So Many Options.

Good luck!

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