Why Does My Stomach Move All The Time?


Asked by m lopez

Why Does My Stomach Move All The Time?

every time i eat my lower stomach moves like there is a baby in there but i am not pregnant


I'm glad you had the chance to write again to clarify your questions (though, please note, as I mentioned earlier, this forum is meant for concerns related to IBD...).

I'm not sure how you are certain that the "movements" you are experiencing are not linked to trapped, or excessive, gas in your bowels. Gas is the first thing that comes to my mind; the next thing would be spasms, if the movements also feel "tight" and perhaps, painful to you.

The early satiety (feeling satisfied, or full, after eating only a small portion of a meal), and discomfort you are experiencing could be from one of several different GI problems. I recommend that you ask your regular doctor for a referral to a GI specialist.

For helpful resources and information about GI disorders in general, here's the link to our GI disorders resource page: 8http://www.healthcentral.com/ency/408/00217.html

Be well.