Why Does When My Husband Ejaculate Inside It Comes Out?


Asked by lola78

Why Does When My Husband Ejaculate Inside It Comes Out?

we have been trying to get pregant for a while and everytime he ejaculates it comes out on its on. i could just be lying on my side and i feel it come out. is that going to be problem for me in having a baby? please help thank you


Hi Lola

Paul is right...you don't need to worry about this so much. People get pregnant after having sex in all sorts of positions where the ejaculate spills out eventually.

Here is some information from my article, "Upside Down Sex, Turkey Basters, and Other Myths of Having a Baby" : "But what most experts do suggest is that it might help for the woman to lay down after sex for up to a half an hour. Contributors to the web site, Baby Center, contend that lying down in bed for 20-30 minutes with a pillow under your pelvis helps the sperm to keep flowing toward your egg."

How long have you been trying may I ask? If you have been trying for more than a year it may be time to seek some help from your gynecologist or fertility specialist.

Let us know how things go for you...good luck!

Answered by Merely Me