Why Do My Feet Hurt?


Asked by Mallory

Why Do My Feet Hurt?

When I sit down for any amount of time, at least 5 minutes and get back up I can barely walk. My feet hurt, my whole foot both of them and I can barely put weight on them and they feel kind of stiff when this is happening. I have asked the doctor and they didn't do any test but said it was because of being over weight but i have always been over weight my whole life so i don't know what is wrong with them. i really feel like i'm old but i am only 27 and once i stand up for a little while i'm fine. so what could this be? And I am a stay at home mom so I'm not on my feet at work all day or anything.


I think you definitely need to see another doctor. You might consider seeing a podiatrist so that he/she can rule out any structural issues. Foot pain after sitting can be caused by plantar fasciitis. You could have a medical condition that affects circulation in the feet. Diabetes, for instance, often results in foot problems. In any case, dismissing these kind of severe symptoms simply because you are overweight is not helpful.

Health Central has a nice section on foot pain.


I hope you can get a second opinion.