Why Am I Having Two Periods A Month?


Asked by Izzy

Why Am I Having Two Periods A Month?

I've been getting my period twice in a month, at times it makes me really dizzy and feel completely drained of energy. I can hardly go places because when I do, there's always some mark or spot bound to show up as it seems like regardless of what kind of pad or how many I use it goes through. I'm embarrassed to see someone about it, as I find this sort of thing difficult to talk about. Is there anything I can do that might fix the problem on my own?


It is indeed unusual to have two periods within a month. I know that you wish you could resolve this on your own but you do need to be seen by a gynecologist. There are many things which can affect our cycles, including stress, medications, illness, infection, and even an underlying medical condition or disease. It could be an ovarian cyst, fibroids, or even something more serious. There's no way to know without speaking to a doctor and having the appropriate scans and other tests.

Having two periods of a month also puts you at risk of anemia. Symptoms of anemia include fatigue and dizziness; some people's anemia can be so severe that they faint, so it's not something to trifle with.

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