Why Am I Having Vaginal Farts?


Asked by osmith

Why Am I Having Vaginal Farts?

I have heard this is common with sexual intercourse, but I am having this almost every time I sit and stand back up. It's so embarrassing! Please help! Is there anything I can do, and why is this happening?



Hi Olivia,

It is my understanding that vaginal flatulence occurs when a vacuum of air created inside the vagina and then gets released.

I couldn't find much of any information about what to do about it. In addition to intercourse, it appears that a number of women have this problem while doing yoga. Some suggested that doing kegel exercises can help you control when/how you release the air. Some women said they wear tampons to yoga class, but that wouldn't be advisable for all day use!


Jennifer L. Fee, Psy.D.

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Answered by Jennifer L. Fee, Psy.D.