Why Am I Hitting Myself When Drunk?


Asked by HunkyDoreyBalamory

Why Am I Hitting Myself When Drunk?

Hi there. Ok so when I drink, I often reach a point where I switch from being me (usuall happy and jolly especially after a drink) to being very serious. I often hit things but more commonly myself. The past two times I have got drunk i have left bruises on my face, the time just gone quite extensive bruises on my nose, under my eye, cheek and chin. I'm not sure if it's just the drinking or if there is some underlying issues. My parents have only just found out due to this last time and are concerned. I used to self harm by cutting like 3/4 years ago but havent since. I think I have some minor social anxiety. I started uni sept of 2012 and as my old flatmate put it "went a but weird" month or so after starting. I was really unhappy at this point, i think i had like a mini breakdown. I lost like a stone. I found it really hard to speak in full sentences although i returned to normal after a break at christmas. The next term i managed to change my mentality and stop being so paranoid, although often with the use of alcohol. Anything i did that was social would involve me getting trashed, often the most trashed. Some nights i would drink the majority of a 70cl bottle of whiskey. I've cut down my drinking a lot this academic year, ecpecially the frequency, although still get very trashed. I don't drink as much in one sitting too. In a much better place with some really good friends but I'm not sure that the punching yourself is normal. One of my friends has diagnosed me with aspergers, although im pretty sure shes joking. So yeah back to the question, is this drink related or is it possible theres something underlying? Sorry for that massive write up, pretty sure i went on a tangent too :P Any answers will be appreciated. (i didnt; know where to put this so i put it in anxiety)


You probably can guess that my suggestion would be to stop drinking. I am not a medical professional and wouldn't be able to tell you if there is some underlying problem that is causing this. I would suggest talking to a therapist or doctor about what is going on and why you feel the need to drink so much.


Answered by Eileen Bailey