Why Did My Insect Bite Swell 12 Hours Later


Asked by Annette

Why Did My Insect Bite Swell 12 Hours Later

What should I do if an insect bite swells 12 hours later and continues to swell?

I was bitten by something on my 2nd toe. It only burned slightly after the bite. Later that night I woke up and noticed my foot started swelling. The swelling has increases throughout the day.


Thanks for your question. Some people react differently to bites, so some bites may react later than others. You might find this guide from the Mayo Clinic on insect bites and stings helpful. There is background information on bites and stings as well as some tips on how to treat some cases. However, none of this should be substituted for the advice of your doctor, who you should go see. Only he or she can guage the seriousness of the bite and swelling. I hope this helps.