Why Do Late State Alzheimer Patients Bite Things?


Asked by Linda

Why Do Late State Alzheimer Patients Bite Things?

My father, 95, has alzheimers, and he has started to put everything in his mouth and bite whatever it is. His caregivers are having an awful time with him. Do all late stage alzheimer patients fo this.


Hi Linda

Some people with late stage Alzhemer's do bite onto clothing, objects etc. It is probably the result of brain damage that occurs because of the disease.

Sucking, eating, warmth, the need for comfort is a primitive need/instinct. It is a form of stimulation that is comforting and reassuring. All humans need stimulation, even in the last stage of life.

You could get the carers to try giving him small frequent sweet snacks/small drinks that give him something to chew/taste. It may help reduce the incidence of biting.

Is part of the problem that he is trying to bite the carers?


Answered by Christine Kennard