Why Would One Breast Suddenly Grow Bigger Than The Other?


Asked by alicia

Why Would One Breast Suddenly Grow Bigger Than The Other?

One of my breasts has grown significantly bigger than the other, about a cup size larger; I've monitored this change over the course of a month, and it's not related to my menstrual cycle. This same breast is also intermittently sore, and I have a slight rash at the most swollen point of the breast. I've had an ultrasound, which was clear; however, because the breast is still swollen and misshapen, I've been referred to a breast specialist, whom I'll see in 2 weeks. I'm curious about what could possibly be causing these symptoms?


While there's a possibility this could be inflammatory breast cancer, it would be more usual for there to be a progression of symptoms in the timeframe you mention; cancer doesn't usually stand still. Also, the likelihood would be you'd have more soreness/redness.

It's possible you have an infection, but again, it seems there'd be more pain. And I think if your doctor suspected an infection, s/he would have put you on a course of antibiotics.

The ultrasound must have ruled out a cyst or cysts; so I'm wondering why your doctor didn't just go ahead with the next logical step, which would be a mammogram. You might want to ask him/her why that test wasn't ordered. I'd assume the breast specialist will use a mammogram to help diagnose what's going on, but you still might want to question your doctor about it.

We're not doctors here, and can't diagnose medical issues; we're here to offer support and advice as you go through diagnosis and treatment. Hopefully the breast specialist will be able to determine what's causing this swelling/pain, and find a way to deal with it. Best of luck to you.

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