Why Do I Have Pain In My Armpit?


Asked by ypd

Why Do I Have Pain In My Armpit?

I have a pain in my left armpit. There's no rash, swelling, or lump. It has been troublesome for months. What could this be?


We are not doctors here, so we don't know all the possibilities. Although you are not feeling a lump or swelling, it is possible that there is some sort of swelling deep inside putting pressure on a nerve and causing pain. Breast cancer can show up in the armpit, so you need to be alert to that possibility. Whenever a reader reports pain on the left side, I always mention getting checked out for heart issues. Usually the guidelines talk about pain radiating down the left arm as being a potential heart problem, and your pain seems focused in the armpit, not in the chest or all the way down the arm, so the chances that this is heart-related seem small. Nevertheless, pain that has lasted for three months needs to be checked out by a doctor. There is a good chance that it will turn out to be something harmless like a muscle issue, but please see a doctor just to be sure.

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Answered by Phyllis Johnson